Lafayette CS 205—Software Engineering

  • Spring 2020

Lafayette CS 105—Digital Media Computing

  • Spring 2020
  • Fall 2019

Lafayette CS 413—Human-Computer Interaction

  • Fall 2019

NCSU CSC 226—Discrete Mathematics

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Student Evaluations:

4.8 / 5 (Department Average: 4.0 / 5)

  • “Mr. Smith was very excited about the material and was always in a good mood.”
  • “He very clearly explains difficult concepts and makes an effort to explain things in different ways for students who are having trouble understanding.”
  • “Excellent teacher, clearly invested and interested in the subject itself”
  • “He explains the concepts in intuitive terms. If a student doesn’t understand a concept he will approach it from a different angle rather than just repeating the notes. He also interacts with the class at all times, keeping the class engaging.”

Guest Lecturer

NCSU CSC 710—Software Engineering as a Human Activity

Study Methods: Interviews and Surveys

Code Camps and Community Activities

INTech Code Camp Tech Mentor

INTech Camp Participants

Roberts Park Code Camp Mentor

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